Benefits of Lick Mats for Dogs with Anxiety

Benefits of Lick Mats for Dogs with Anxiety

Lick mats, increasingly popular among dog owners and trainers, are designed to provide mental stimulation and reduce anxiety in dogs. These mats engage dogs in a natural and calming activity: licking. When dogs lick, they release endorphins in their brains, which are chemicals known for inducing feelings of calmness and happiness. This makes lick mats an effective tool for soothing dogs in situations that might otherwise cause them stress, such as during loud events like thunderstorms or fireworks, or while recovering from illness or injury.

These mats offer mental enrichment by challenging dogs to navigate their textured surfaces to retrieve treats. This mental exercise can be a powerful distraction from stress-inducing stimuli and can prevent behaviors associated with anxiety. Dogs can focus their attention and energy on the task of retrieving treats, which provides a constructive outlet for their nervous energy.

Lick mats are versatile and adaptable, suitable for a range of scenarios including crate rest or car rides. By creating positive associations with these experiences, they can help dogs cope better with potentially stressful situations. They are also recommended as a non-medical approach to managing canine anxiety, as endorsed by pet trainers and veterinarians.

In addition to mental health benefits, these mats can also contribute to oral health. The act of licking increases saliva production, which helps clean the tongue, teeth, and gums, thus aiding in dental hygiene.

However, it's important to supervise dogs when using lick mats, especially if they are prone to chewing. Without supervision, some dogs might chew or destroy the mats. Also, depending on the treat used, lick mats can sometimes create a mess if the mat is flipped over.

In summary, lick mats are a valuable, low-cost, and easy solution for helping dogs calm down in stressful situations. They can be effectively used to address various forms of anxiety or nervousness and provide mental enrichment for dogs. While they are generally safe, supervision is advised to ensure the dog's safety and to minimize any potential mess.  If you would like to read further on lick mats has a great article. has a variety of lick mats available for sale if you are interested, please visit our Lick Mat Collection to view our products here.

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